Hurricane Acres
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This is our family...Left to Right:

Richard Booker, Beth Booker, Justin Shroyer, Jayden Shroyer, Joanna Booker Shroyer, Kendal Booker, and Richie Booker.  We will welcome our second granddaughter in May 2013

Our farm is located in Canton, Mississippi
Meet the Booker family
We purchased our first miniature horses in the fall of 2003.  Our daughter showed an APHA mare named Im A "Tootie" Too while in high school.  After she went to college, we became interested in miniature horses after seeing a driving exhibition at the SEC Equestrian Championship in the spring of 2003 where Joanna rode in competetion for Mississippi State University.  We began by purchasing two weanling fillies (Hope was one of these) and a bred mare (Grace is the daughter of the bred mare).  We later purchased a weanling colt (Hickory- later gelded).   We ( my niece Katie and Richard's nephew Cody) began showing the minis (Hope & Hickory) with AMHR in 2005 and later added a black stallion (Tex) to the show string.  Unfortunately, we lost our beloved Star in 2007 and Tex in 2010.  We have accomplished more than I ever dreamed possible in the few short years that these miniatures have endeared themselves to our family.  We have made many equine  and human friends over these past few years.  I must say that these guys have enriched our already full lives although they are alot of hard and many times tiring and frustrating work.  We have driven the minis in parades, done cart rides for the children at the Fall Festival for church, and taken them to schools, day care centers, nursing homes and rodeos.  We have had a small group of cowboys and cowgirls that have shown the miniatures along with us... starting out at local open shows and then at AMHR shows. And now, we are sharing our love of the miniature horse with our precious grandchildren.   Nothing blesses my heart more than seeing our beloved minis bring smiles to the faces and joy to the hearts of those that they come in contact with.  We are not a breeding facility and, therefore, do not have foals for sale, although, we have tried our hand at it and found it difficult.  If you see a horse that you are interested in, please feel free to contact us.  We love to share our minis, so if you are in the area, a visit would be welcomed.  All of our horses have been amateur owner trained for all around performance... driving, driving obstacle, halter obstacle, jumper, hunter, versatility, liberty, showmanship.... and not so much, but also Halter.  

As much as we love our minis, we try to keep Christ the center and number ONE in our lives.  We love Jesus Christ because He first loved us even though we fall short and do not deserve His love , mercy and forgiveness.  If you would like to know more about this Jesus, God's one and only Son and Creator of this Universe, we would love to share more with you... so please feel free to contact us.
May God bless you as you are a blessing to those you come into contact with today!
Bookers Missi Dawg

This is who really ruled the roost here at Hurricane Acres.... our 12 1/2 year old English Bulldog Missi.  She was Richard's dream and much wished for baby.  She drove us crazy with her stubborn Bulldog ways, but we loved her.  She kept us company and helped us out keeping everything running smoothly.  She was always ready for a nice ride in the cart.  When the horse misbehaved, she would get out and tell them all about it.   She enjoyed snoring loudly in her bed when she came in from a hard morning and afternoon's work.
Bookers Katrina Camile

This is our silly Boxer Millie.  She kept us and the minis safe.  One minute she was playing and being silly, but always keeping a watchful eye.  She protected us from cats, rabbits, moles, and turtles.  I always hoped nothing more threatening came along, but knew if it did, Millie would be ready with her ferocious bark and charge.  She knew when the horses were misbehaving and would get them back in line... not always helpful, I might add.  She was always ready to keep a goat in line or back into the pasture as well.  A loud, "Get that Goat" worked almost every time.  Thankfully, she was well behaved and called off with a sharp, "Leave it".
The minitaure horse and donkey herd just hanging out and munching hay while dressed in their winter fuzzies.
Do you know for sure that if you died today you would go to Heaven?  If not, you can know!

Here's how:  It's as simple as ABC

A   Admit you are a sinner

B   Believe that Jesus is God's one and only Son      
     and that He died on the cross that you might
     have forgiveness of sin

C  Confess your sins to God and Commit your life to Him

After ten years of owning and training Miniature Horses, in 2014 we installed a free flow hot walker from Supreme Horse Walker, Inc.  This has been a wonderful addition to the training program we have in place.
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The Bookers
Richard and Beth
Justin, Joanna, Jayden, Jordyn and Jaxson Shroyer
Richard, Kendal, Owen and Caroline Booker

On May 30, 2013, Millie lost her battle with an Auto Immune Disease.  We miss her greatly and Hurricane Acres will never be the same without her silly antics and wild tail and body wagging.
Good Bye our faithful & loyal friends, companions & farm guardians.  We will forever be grateful for the safety & joy you both brought to Hurricane Acres.
We really did not realize how much help and safety Millie offered until the days following her death.  All animals both domestic and wild seemed to know the guardian of Hurricane Acres was gone.  The goats ran out of their pen, the cats were always under foot, we would  see a fox frequently, and the rabbits were everywhere.  I'm sure there are other animals out there that would venture into the yard eventually.  Millie will always hold a special place in our hearts as she has in our lives. 
 This is the new "Guardian of Hurricane Acres"  : Hurricane Acres Hattie.  Thanks to Boxerlane Boxers in Neosho, MO for letting this girl become part of our family.  She is making her mark and keeping us all in line.
On August 21, 2013, we lost Missi apparently due to old age.  She lived a long and full life for an English Bulldog.  Missi never met a stranger and had many human friends.  She is greatly missed.